Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 567

Why was the policy changed?

The changes to this policy are for several reasons. First, updates and clarification editing were required throughout the policy. Second, additional thresholds were added to account for situations where there could be temporary changes in inmate population at a site level. In addition, a new section was added on clustered sites.

What has changed?

The previous Annex A (Terms of Reference Committee on Correctional Officer Deployment Standards) has been removed, and information on the application of the standards, requests for variances and business case process has been integrated within the base CD.

The previous Annex B (National Standards for the Deployment of Correctional Officers) has been removed, and will be replaced by the document “Standards on Deployment of CX”. It underwent extensive editing to provide clarification on many of the security activities. A section on regional activities was incorporated to account for hospital supervision and transfer teams, as well as a section on clustered sites. The operational adjustment component has been categorized and detailed to provide clarity. Information was also introduced regarding base level funding and supplemental temporary funding when site’s inmate population exceeds capacity.

The previous Annex C (Threat Risk Assessment Tool) has been removed, but will be available as a template issued by the Security Branch.

Annex D (Site Deployment Levels) has been removed and will be replaced by the annual resources indicators.

The previous Annex E (National Generic Post Orders) has been removed and will be replaced by the document “National Generic Post Orders”, which will be published by the Security Branch.

The previous Guidelines 004-1 (Operational Adjustments) have been removed, and information on this practice has been incorporated into the document “Standards on Deployment of CX”.

The previous Guidelines 004-2 (Scheduling of Correctional Officers) have been removed, and information on scheduling will be issued through Human Resources bulletins as this portfolio is now managed by the Labour Relations Branch at National Headquarters.

How was it developed?

The policy revisions were undertaken by the Security Branch in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division. The policy was subject to national consultation with management and union partners.


The Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs, is accountable for CD 004. Responsibilities at the National and Regional Headquarters and in the institutions are outlined in the policy.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff members.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?

Institutions will be required to update local policy, including the Operational Adjustment Plan, Standing Orders and Post Orders.

Training material on the Management of the Correctional Officer Workforce has been updated.

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